A unique fantasy adventure for readers, ages 7-12

It’s not easy being different – especially when you are one of thousands in a hive.

Manuka knows as a worker bee, she’s only supposed to do her job and not ask questions. But her head is so full of ideas that could improve life in the hive that sometimes they just pop out of her mouth. Typically, this gets her in trouble – especially when she starts to question why bees in her hive are getting sick.

As Manuka and her friend Cotton get closer to the answer, they cross Acacia, the Queen Bee’s Chief Attendant. Acacia banishes them to the outside world, where they are forced to fend for themselves. Although dangerous, this world also offers hope. Manuka finds new friends – including a fierce but friendly bumblebee, a lovesick male bee, and a fast-talking hummingbird – and learns of a Sacred Tree that may hold the cure for what ails the hive. However, Manuka must face Acacia once again – and Acacia has more than one deadly secret that could mean the end of everyone and everything that Manuka loves.

Praise for Queen Bee:

QUEEN BEE is the whole package for parents. It has a great and exciting story, which will be great for all kids. The main character, Manuka, is someone you instantly like. She’s a speak-your-mind kind of bee who calls someone out when she sees something wrong, and will do something if she sees the opportunity to help. Added to that is the subtle message woven throughout the story about the environment.

This book will give parents many opportunities to talk with their kids about the environment and global warming, talk with them about bullying, talk with them about doing what you think is right, and let them discuss self-confidence and believing in one’s self. Queen Bee is going to be a huge hit. – Mark Cheverton, New York Times bestselling author of Minecraft-inspired novels such as INVASION OF THE OVERWORLD and BATTLE FOR THE NETHER

QUEEN BEE is a great book for young readers. It is a great way for kids to learn a lot about bees, how they live, work (and) survive together. The book contains a lot of accurate nonfiction wrapped up in a captivating story appealing to young readers. – Gretchen Abrams, education programs coordinator at The Edsel & Eleanor Ford House

QUEEN BEE celebrates the power of the idea and becoming our best self. I appreciate the easy flow of the storytelling, the quirky dialogue and attention to detail as Ms. Weigandt paints every single hair on our heroine bee’s head and her surroundings so vividly and lyrically. There is an optimism and can-do spirit that weaves throughout the tale which I think will be quietly inspirational and entertaining for younger and older audiences alike. – Chris Kuhn, author of THE MUSE UNLOCKED and OUR SEASONS

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