About Me

I live and write novels and screenplays in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, and I like to explore the different ways that humans – and sometimes animals and insects – live and work together.

I especially enjoy creating characters who make their dreams come true through ingenuity, grit, and determination. Readers of my novel, Queen Bee, follow the quest of Manuka a determined honeybee, who embarks on a journey to find a cure for her dying hive.

Like any writer, I’m influenced by many sources. However, animated movies (Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar), action/adventure films and books, fantasy and historical fiction form the bulk of my interests. I’m drawn to heroes who must face tremendous obstacles to achieve their goals and who transform as a result of their journey. Stories without teeth or tears have never really interested me, and I believe young readers need these stories to believe in themselves and overcome the obstacles they face (bullies, peer pressure, unhappy homes, let downs and mistakes).

Life is filled with ups and downs throughout and, when I was young, stories where main characters faced mundane problems like an annoying sibling or a missing toy made me feel lonely and lost. That’s why I was drawn to books like The Hobbit, Watership Down and Fantastic Mister Fox. I needed to believe I could reach deep within myself to slay dragons, find safety and overcome villains.

Because I wrote Queen Bee in a visual manner with pacing similar to a film, I’m delighted to share that the story is being considered as an animated film or TV series. Recently, I joined Bespoke Film Group in partnership to bring Queen Bee to the big screen (or the little screen) in a way that will delight and entertain in the visual arts as much as it does on the page.

Additionally, my animated holiday short screenplay, Desperately Seeking Santa, made it to the quarterfinals of the 2020 Screencraft Family Films Competition and has received praise for its unique setting, characters and themes focusing on what it means to belong in an unwelcoming world. It is the story of Melvin, an orphaned alpaca who helps Seamus, a lost Christmas elf, find his way home to Santa.

Because no one can accomplish a dream alone, I am incredibly thankful to my friend and manager, Jeremy Tick, a true believer in big dreams and unique stories.

Please stay tuned on the News & Events page here on this website for further updates.

Supporting the Writing Community

There are so many ways that writers can support one another. Here is a short list of my memberships and the different ways I try to give back to my community.

  • Society of Children’s Book Writers – Michigan Chapter
  • International Screenwriters Association – Find me here.
  • IMDB Pro
  • Twitter – A place for writers – Find me @WynterEM
  • Facebook – Library and Writing Groups